VIRGIN BLACKTOP: A Skate Odyssey film about life, death and brotherhood amongst suburban New York skateboarders

“If your film has half the emotion that your trailer conveys, you’ll have a festival darling on your hands.”

Penelope Spheeris, Director of Wayne's World, The Decline of Western Civilization & Suburbia

All donations go directly towards finishing funds for the documentary “Virgin Blacktop” which is scheduled for completion in 2016.

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Charlie SamuelsHighly respected action-sports photographer, career-long contributor to The New York Times and Director/D.P. Charlie Samuels is in post-production with his full-length debut Virgin Blacktop.  Samuels’ imagery is on Burton snowboards, Vans sneakers, Supreme clothing and he has been assigned by lotso magazines like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Time, Road & Track, GQ, Elle, Thrasher, etc.  As a skateboarder, he is an instructor, activist, “Broadway Bomb” participant and contributor to